Overview and Features of New Worlds Ateraan

New Worlds Ateraan is a text based role playing game (torg) based on the history and background of the book The Light of the Path. The game is set with a medieval theme on the planet of Ateraan where a civilized Kingdom resides in one continent and harsh uncivilized warlike city states reside in another.

The theme of the game involves a variety of styles of role playing and includes player controlled ships, clans, religions, politics, guilds, justice, and economy.

New players can learn how to play
with this screen by screen tutorial.
A link for blind players is also here.
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You can play the game now from the website or with a downloadable client.

Northern Kingdom
The Northern Kingdom is a civilized collection of cities and towns ruled by a King. It is a relatively safe haven with fair laws for the citizens. Starting in the Kingdom is considered the best option for new players.
Jempekian Desert Towne
The Desert Towne of Jempek is a neutral location for those who do not have fealty for the Kingdom or Darmahk.

Southern Darmahk
Darmahk is a city state stronghold for those that live under the iron fisted control of the Overseer. It has strict and sometimes unfair laws. Starting in Darmahk is recommended only for very experienced roleplayers.

How to Play
To learn how to play the game and the programs you will need, click on the link below. It is fairly simple once you get started.
Some of the players who have set up their own websites are shown from this link. You can learn something about their characters and background here.

The forums is a location all the players can discuss the game and make suggestions to improvement as well as talk about numerous issues roleplay and out of character. Updates and news are also found here. Registration is available at this link, however, the forums are restricted to approved players only.
Blind Players Union
The Blind Players Union or BPU is a group of sight impaired players who have added numerous features to the game for the blind players. More information on this can be found from the above link including a very nice soundpack for use with the game.

Maps of the World
This link shows maps that reference to basic locations and areas in the game.

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The Book
New Worlds Ateraan is based on a book called "The Light of the Path". You can click on this link to read it online.

Comic Book
Comical scenes from the game have been created by players to give you a relaxed view of some events in the game.
Roleplay Lore
Transcripts of intense Roleplay.

Memorial Roleplay Event.

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